hh: How to Contact Us

How to Contact Us

If you are interested in applying for HUSKY Health…
Call 1-877-CT-HUSKY (1-877-284-8759) to:
• Learn more about the HUSKY Health program
• Receive an application in the mail
• Get assistance with accessing healthcare services if your family is already enrolled in HUSKY
8:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday though Friday
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Call 1-800-656-6684 to:
• Apply by phone
• Check on the status of a filed application
• Get help with the application process from HUSKY Health customer service representatives 
8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
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Call 1-866-492-5276 for:
• TDD/TTY line for persons with hearing impairment,
• Auxiliary aids are also available for persons with visual impairment or other disabilities.
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If you are already a HUSKY Health member …
Please visit our Members page for information and contact point:
If you are a Health Care Provider…
Please visit our Providers page for information and contact point:
To contact HUSKY Health by regular mail:

To request an application, submit an application or
for questions about application processing:
HUSKY Health Program
P. O. Box 280747
East Hartford, CT 06108
For inquiries to the Connecticut Department of Social Services (administering agency):
HUSKY Health Program
c/o Department of Social Services
25 Sigourney Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5033
To contact HUSKY Health by e-mail:
Inquiries about the program may be emailed to the HUSKY Webmaster.  This is a link to the CT Department of Social Services, administering agency for HUSKY Health.  We recommend first contacting HUSKY at 1-877-CT-HUSKY (1-877-284-8759) for information and referral.  If you are a current HUSKY enrollee, we recommend visiting our Members page for information and contact point at www.huskyhealthct.org/members.html.

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